Handbook emission factors for road transport (HBEFA)


The Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA) provides emission factors for all current vehicle categories (PC, LDV, HGV, urban buses, coaches and motor cycles), each divided into different categories, for a wide variety of traffic situations. Emission factors for all regulated and the most important non-regulated pollutants as well as fuel/energy consumption and CO2 are included.




In the HBEFA 4.2 version from February 2022, an incorrect "charging scenario" is selected by default, which results in charging losses for electric vehicles not being considered.
Please activate the correct setting in the application by selecting menu Info > Electric vehicles > Energy losses > Charging losses and clicking on the "Default" charging scenario (i.e. the only visible scenario).
We have updated the installers and database files available in the login area, therefore with new installations you do not need to modify this setting.
Please excuse the inconvenience!




HBEFA is affected by a bug in a recent office update.
There are two workarounds.




HBEFA Version 4.2 is now available and can be ordered online
The documentation of the update can be found here.
Registered users of Version 4.1 can download Version 4.2 free of charge.




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